Steve Ballmer’s New Computer

This is wonderful, look what the power behind the Microsoft sign is.. 🙂

Steve Ballmers new computer is a Mac

Via Groklaw’s newspicks..

11 thoughts on “Steve Ballmer’s New Computer

  1. Don’t be fooled by an Apple Logo. There is a significant ICT user population that have have purchased the new Intel MAC products, reformatted them and installed Vista. In fact one of the leading System Integrators in Sydney did exactly just this as the MAC hardware provided value for money and much better engineering over close rivals like HP and Dell (not that Dell are actually engineered), hence the purchase. First thing they did was reformat the drive to remove the rubbish loaded by Apple and load Vista. It was very surprising to see when I visited them and saw them all, then saw they were running native Vista on them.


  2. I’ve got to say, given a choice between the rubbish from Apple and the rubbish from Microsoft I’d choose the rubbish from Apple every time.

    Of course, I’d still pick Linux over OSX any day, OSX is like being in a gilded cage compared to Windows padded cell.

  3. I thought that they were future Graduates, until they actually received official decree from the Dean they were Graduens or something like that

  4. and whilst we are on the subject your subject line is just as badly spelt as the slide is incorrect

    His name is Steve Ballmer and it is his presentation so your subject should be “Steve Ballmer’s New Computer” and not “Steve Balmers New Computer”

  5. I didn’t say anything about his slide – given that the name was the title of an event in Belgium I suspect that’s more the result of lack of English skills, and as I speak no other language I’m in no position to criticise.

    I’ll correct the name on the post now for you.

  6. ? I think you misspelled “vi”. 🙂

    My suspicion is that its because I’m Welsh – it tends to be spelt phonetically and in Welsh ‘ll’ has a different sound. Even though I don’t speak it knowing how to pronounce all the place names has left its mark on my spelling (or lack of it)..

  7. The Yanks pronounce it Ball mer which always made it sound strange but then again Nokia in Oz seems to Nok ia where in the USA it is No kia

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