Changing a Mailman list subscribers email address

Just had to figure out how to change the email address for a subscriber to a Mailman mailing list, and couldn’t find anything obvious saying it so having figured it out I thought I’d blog it for future reference.

It’s actually pretty easy, and fairly obvious once you know how:

clone_member -n -r

In other words, for all the mailman lists on this system go through and clone the old, non-working address as and then the -r option tells it to remove the old address.

The -n option is there to stop you shooting yourself in the foot and tells it to only tell you what it would do without actually doing it, so you’ll need to remove that to get it to actually take the action.

Caveat – as the manual page says:

Note that this operation is fairly trusting of the user who runs it — it does no verification to the new address, it does not send out a welcome message, etc.

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