Richard Wright’s Great Gig In The Sky (RIP)

Donna and I were driving up the west coast of Scotland on the 16th September listening to BBC Radio 4 when we heard that Rick Wright of Pink Floyd had died the day before of cancer. That was quite a shock to me as (silly as it might sound) I never thought I’d hear about one of the Floyd shuffling of this moral coil, well not yet at least..

Now back in Australia I’ve just had the opportunity to watch the TV programme “Classic Albums: The Making of The Dark Side of the Moon” I recorded before going to the UK for that trip and it was bittersweet to see Rick talking about The Great Gig in the Sky with its theme of dying knowing that he was now gone.

His beautiful music alongside the great vocals by Clare Torry make a very fitting and timeless epitaph for someone famously unwilling to talk about himself.