Returned Afghan Refugees Murdered

Reported at the BBC, talking about Afghan asylum seekers held under the Pacific Solution by the former government:

they were assured by Australian immigration officials that it was safe for them to return home, and told that they would be held in detention for the rest of their lives if they failed to do so.

Sadly these assurances of safety were pure illusion, and it appears that this deception led to a number of those who did return being murdered by the Taleban:

It documented the deaths of nine of the failed asylum seekers at the hands of the Taleban and believes the true figure is actually closer to 20.

The current minister has asked for more information whilst the former minister takes spin and a lack of empathy to new depths:

“It is the case that Afghanistan is a dangerous place but the [United Nations] Refugee Convention does not say you cannot be returned to a dangerous place,” Mr Ruddock said. “The fact that somebody might tragically die [in Afghanistan] may well be as tragic as a road accident in Sydney.”

Hmm, road accident versus murder.. Yes, both tragic, but not quite the same..