SGI now Rackable, called SGI

So going to SGI’s website now redirects you to Rackable, which is now badged as SGI. Then if you click on the Silicon Graphics brand you’ll end up back on a page on the original SGI website! Confused ? You will be.. 🙂

SGI!? Don’t you mean Rackable Systems!? No, I mean SGI. As you recall, Rackable successfully completed a bid process to acquire the assets of Silicon Graphics/SGI. The new organization has been named, you guessed it, “SGI.”

They themselves explain it like this:

First, our corporate name will be Silicon Graphics International, but from a marketing and branding perspective, we will be referred to as SGI®. The Rackable name will become the brand for the SGI x86 cluster compute products. Rackable will join our other industry-recognized brands – such as ICE Cube, Altix, InfiniteStorage, CloudRack, MicroSlice, Origin, and VUE – to comprise the new SGI.

My brain hurts.. It also looks like they’re going to continue trying to sell the Itanic based Altix systems, which surprises me.

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