Wordcamp Melbourne 2011

This coming February (26th-27th) there’s going to be “WordCamp Melbourne 2011” held at North Melbourne Town Hall.

If you’re into WordPress – the free and open source personal publishing platform – then you’ll love WordCamp – a casual, locally-organised conference catering both to budding bloggers and experienced developers alike. The first such event to be held in the city, WordCamp Melbourne 2011 features a range of guest speakers including Glenn Todd and Bronson Quick.

I know that my friend Rich Boakes has been enthusiastic about them in the UK so I’m hoping I might be able to make it to this one!

(Hat tip to Kathy Reid for pointing this out on Twitter)

One thought on “Wordcamp Melbourne 2011

  1. As with all these things, they live and die by the people who attend and the extent to which they embrace FLOSS and want to help as much as gain, so yes, GO! And indeed, share the word. We each bring something good to the table, some are full time geeks, others with fewer technical predilections often bring insight, experience or requests for services that provoke new ideas. The more the merrier!

    BTW Looks like we’re hosting WordCamp UK 2011 at Portsmouth 🙂

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