Volunteers for Flood Relief Sought at LCA2011 in Brisbane

Pia Waugh has put up a page on the LCA wiki seeking to recruit and organise attendees who might want to help assist with the flood recovery in Brisbane. It says:

This page was set up for linux.conf.au attendees who are keen to do some volunteer work to assist the flood victims in Brisbane. A few hundred attendees throwing in a few hours or a day or so to help out will make an enormous difference to people who have lost so much. […] Specific volunteer activities will be planned for the Sunday before the conference and the Saturday following the conference, and there will no doubt also be odd jobs here or there for those who find themselves with a free hour or so throughout the conference.

The page asks volunteers to list themselves there but currently they only have a couple of people on the sheet and I think they could do with some more publicity!

Unfortunately I don’t get to go to linux.conf.au these days (SC in the US is my one work conf now) otherwise I’d be pitching in too.. 🙁