Nobody Nowhere – Film News

Interesting times at the moment!

Donna has some good news about the film rights for her best-selling autobiography Nobody Nowhere.

I encountered a wonderful, funny, fountain named Beverly Nero, and our email conversation turned to film writes and the fact that Nobody Nowhere was once again up for option. Bev picked up the option, and supported my belief I might actually be able to write this. Just as Nobody Nowhere was written in 4 weeks, so was my first draft of the screenplay. The book went on to become an international best seller.

The film is now in development, with a target date of May 2006 to begin filming. The movie will be filmed in the UK, throughout England and Wales, over to greater Europe and tell the Australian side of the story from Donna’s perspective.

Believe me, those 4 weeks were hectic and she’s done the first edit on the script too now!