Great Terms & Conditions

Wonderful fake T&C’s for a fake password checker (well, intended to reinforce that you should never use them).. For example:

You may terminate your relationship to Estatis Inc. by burning all of your possessions and accomplishing applicable purification rites. In this event, you agree that an Estatis Inc. Retaliatory Creature shall be summoned to allow Estatis Inc. to retain full ownership of your soul. In the unforeseen event of you defeating the Estatis Inc. Retaliatory Creature, you shall be released from any obligations arising from your use of the Estatis Free Password Security Checker for the rest of your mortal life, notwithstanding any claims to your soul in Heaven, Hell, the Netherworld or any places with similar legal status. Additional information can be provided by your personal deity or deities (if any).

There’s some other fun stuff in there..

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