In memoriam, Bob Samuel, 1925-2008

It’s been 5 years now Dad.

My father, Bob Samuel

My father was a sign writer and glass embosser by trade, working in the business started by his grandfather. He loved old mechanical things and one part of his work that gave him pride was hand painting museum acquisitions to their original standard. Here is a trailer for a steam road wagon originally operated by J.E. Thomas and Sons in Oswestry (and here’s a link to an advert for them, with a different livery).

J.E. Thomas and Sons, trailer for a steam road wagon

One summer holiday (1988 I think) I helped him paint three coal railway trucks for the Maritime and Industrial Museum in Cardiff (part of the National Museum at the time), the museum is long gone but they now seem to have moved up to Big Pit museum at Blaenavon).

Three Coal Trucks: Bute, Naval, Ocean