How to delete lots of programs in MythTV, easily

I realised I had over 60 episodes of Get Smart recorded which I was never going to get around to watching, so I wanted to delete them quickly. I had a quick poke at MythWeb but that didn’t seem to have the functionality but a quick google revealed this forum post which says:

When in select recording to watch, mark the recording with a backslash “/”.
Mark all that you want to delete.
Press M to bring up the Recordings list menu.
Select playlist options
Select Delete

Works like a charm!

There’s also Craig’s set of command line tools that can assist with this:

Poetry: Limerence

The word for the February “Equal Writes” meet up was Limerence, so I did a Limerence limerick. 😉

A young man afflicted with limerence
didn’t think it made much of a difference
that the object of his desires
wouldn’t return the fires
thus failing to match limerences inferences

Limerence was coined in 1977 by Dorothy Tennov as a de-novo word. In fact in an interview with The Observer newspaper that same year she wrote:

It has no roots whatsoever. It looks nice. It works well in French. Take it from me it has no etymology whatsoever.