Vale Dad

[I’ve been very quiet here for over a year for reasons that will become apparent in the next few days when I finish and publish a long post I’ve been working on for a while – difficult to write, hence the delay]

It’s 10 years ago today that my Dad died, and Alan and I lost the father who had meant so much to both of us. It’s odd realising that it’s over 1/5th of my life since he died, it doesn’t seem that long.

Vale dad, love you…

Rackable – Taking the Graphics Out of SGI

According to InsideHPC they’ve confirmed the story at VizWorld that Rackable, er, SGI have decided to kill off the entire graphics division at SGI. The original VizWorld story said:

I’m hearing from people within SGI that, as of Monday, the entire graphics division has been eliminated. That includes everyone from the Vice President of the graphics division on down to the engineers.

Very sad to see given that SGI was Silicon Graphics and graphics was where they started off. I wonder what they’ll reverse engineer the G in SGI to be now ?