First Working Prototype of $100 Wind-Up Laptop Demo’d

The first working prototype of the Linux wind-up laptop at the center of the One Laptop Per Child Project has been demonstrated at the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange What’s Next Forum by Nicholas Negroponte running a cut-down version of Fedora Linux in glowing orange (at least it’s no longer shocking green).

eweek has a good report with pictures about how it stole the show.

eweek photo of the OPC $100 laptop working prototype

3 thoughts on “First Working Prototype of $100 Wind-Up Laptop Demo’d

  1. I have no issue with a cheap laptop for the developing world. My issue is that a developing country really needs many other things like education, health etc. Many countries like Bangldesh do not have a usable copper telecommunications infrastructure to make a laptop truly worthwhile via an internet connection let alone the sacrifice a family would need to make to acquire one in the first place. Solve the problems that need to be solved then worry about the nice to have stuff

  2. And how much did the books for your education cost? Better yet, ever think of shipping all the books you’ve read? This is a $100 laptop that can supply you with medical knowledge, elementary knowledge, and more. And oh the savings on shipping!

    As for family sacrifices, these are only being sold to governments for distribution. (minimum order of one million).

    And for internet connections… computers were very useful before that ever showed up.

    Your laptop may just be a source of entertainment, but to a child in Bolivia it may be their only view of the rest of the world. (not to mention their first time with a calculator!)

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