Melbourne Earthquake (Updated with magnitude and location)

Note: If you’re looking for the 18th March quake you want this blog post instead..

Wow – that was wild, I thought at first one of the big gums trees was coming down here at the base of Mount Dandenong but that doesn’t get felt by a friend up the mountain and especially not a friend in Glen Iris!

There was a fairly rapid rise to a large shake (about 2-5 seconds) and then it died down again over the space of about another 5-10 seconds.

Update: The USGS is reporting that it was a magnitude 4.7 located around Loch near Korumburra over in Gippsland.

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GeoScience Australia now have their website back up with their information about the quake, they estimate it as magnitude 4.6, and I’ve grabbed a copy of the seismograph as it’ll disappear in 90 days.

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  1. I’m in Hallam! The quake lasted for nearly 5 seconds after I realised it was an earthquake! I heard the strange noise coming from my walls and floor then felt my house shaking

  2. I am in Noble Park North (just near Dandenong).
    First I heard a loud noise… wondering what it was. Was laying on the couch and then everything started to shake..
    First earthquake I had ever been in…

    Seemed like it was from East to West so having the center in Gippsland sounded right.

  3. The earth moved for me in Frankston. All the glasses in my glass cabinet jiggled and clinked. Then I felt the vibration underfoot outdoors, there was a strange silence too.

  4. we were sitting on the couch… felt like someone was pushing us, the mirror on the wall was shaking and the wall felt like it was going to fall!!! we tried googling it and couldn’t find anything so were wondering whether it actually even happened!!! My husband didn’t believe us and he was in Fitzroy – just down the road!! coooool thanks to this website.. we are now sane!!!!!!!!!

  5. i felt it all the way out in footscray! i was watching movies with headphones on and felt this weird rumble, i thought it must have been a low flying plane but there was just something *weird* about it – by the time i had focussed on it enough to think to take my headphones off and listen, it just stopped. awesome!

  6. I am in Clifton Hill, felt the same, it last about 5 seconds. I live in a terrace townhouse, i thought the neighbour next was jumping or dancing or some sort, then I realised it was an earthquake.

    I was originally from Taiwan, earthquake like this one is considered “small”, lol 🙂

  7. I felt it in Leongatha Victoria, the house shook quite violently, vibrating under my feet, then the power went out. Course Loch is like about twenty minutes from we are. It was scary.

  8. I’m in Mentone. The windows vibrated for about 20 seconds and then stopped. Then the vibration started again and what seemed like a sudden rush of wind, like a huge gale that accompanies a storm, came in from the east and then the ground started wobbling and seemed to pick up the whole house a couple of centimetres then drop it. Then the concrete-slab underneath me started kicking like a mule and about 6 or 7 jolts later, the couch i was sitting on had moved about a foot toward the west!

    About 10 minutes later I felt a weak aftershock. The ground was wobbling and trembling slightly for about 20 seconds. It was an awesome experience 🙂

  9. heeeey i live in boronia and i didnt even feel a thing untill my friends told me which was an hour later the eartyhquake happend it was on the news 🙂

  10. i live in nth melbourne in a high rise flat i was sitting on my computer seat watching a dvd then felt my seat started to move then a sharp strong shake i was like what the hell earthquake rushed out of my room and asked my brother did he fell that he did

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  12. I live in Glen Waverley. It was shaking for about 2 seconds and then it stopped for a while. It started shaking again for another 2 seconds then it stopped. Soon after it started shaking for about 10 seconds. Luckily this was not as strong as the previous one.

  13. I felt an quake at about 4pm on 18-March-2009 when i was in Notting Hill (south east Melbourne). I haven’t heart/seen any official announcement, however I think Australia cannot omit / ignore these quakes that recently took place in Melbourne, at least there should be some kind of official acknowledgement.

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