Greetings from Australia

Well we made it. We’ve been in Australia for some time now but only just really got the opportunity and access to be able to add anything to the log!

We’re at the inaugral World Autism Congress in Melbourne and having a good time. Donna spoke this morning both online at 8am and then at the plenary session, followed by a questions session later on. Donna seemed to enjoy herself and the fact that her old teacher met us there was nice too. Donna made him stand up when she thanked him for his help!

The organisers have got an organisation called ComputerBank to set up a small network of customised Debian Linux systems so that people on the Autistic Spectrum anywhere in the world can communicate with people at the conference – a really great idea from some really nice people (Hi Grant!). People seem to be working quite happily with them!

Anyway, we need to get back to the Congress as Donna will be on a panel at 3:30pm here.

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  1. Ok this is really wierd cause i’m doing a report in summer school and I come to this site looking for greeting but when you publish stuff on google that doesn’t help is just stupid.

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