Brendan Nelson apologises over his “sorry” speech

From the ABC news:

Federal Opposition leader Brendan Nelson has issued another very specific apology to a member of the Stolen Generations. In his speech in reply to the national apology this week, Dr Nelson referred to the story of a Victorian Aboriginal elder, Faye Lyman. But Ms Lyman says Dr Nelson did not ask her if he could use her story. When he incorporated it in what she describes as a “toxic speech”, she says he took her comments out of context, misrepresented the way she was taken from her family, and made her feel “stolen all over again”.

She goes on to say:

My Dad was not happy that I was taken […] They cheated us, they cheated me of my life with him. Now, I feel like I’m stolen all over again. My dignity, and I’m ashamed he’s done this to me, I’m so ashamed.

No wonder that hundreds of people turned their back on him as he spoke in response to the sorry motion in Parliament (see picture 7 in the ABC News slideshow).

One thought on “Brendan Nelson apologises over his “sorry” speech

  1. Brendan Nelson’s speech clearly shows that he is not in touch with Aboriginal issues. An analysis of his speech indicates that rather than acknowledging the wrongs done to Aboriginal people, his focus was on:

    1:attempting to justify past actions of non indigenous people

    2. attempting to create an impression that Indigenous people actually wanted to be invaded by colonial Britain and work together to create a prosperous society.

    His attempting to justify the previous government’s hasty intervention in the north was nothing short of blatent politicising of an event that should have remained truly bipartisan.

    In short, Mr Nelson, you have shown the people of Australia that you are not a fit leader – either of government or opposition.

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