Those annoying “you have a virus” spams..

I’ve just received another of those really annoying virus warning messages telling me that I’ve just sent another virus. Well of course, running only Linux, that’s not possible and sure enough it’s from another Windoze virus that forges the recipient.

This is what I sent in response..

On Friday 09 Apr 2004 5:28 am, you wrote:

> Attention:

That would be me.

> A virus was found in an Email message you sent.

I think that’s highly unlikely.

> This Email scanner intercepted it and stopped the entire message
> reaching its destination.

Quite possibly.

> The virus was reported to be:
> the W32/Netsky.d@MM virus !!!

Strange, that only affects Windows systems as far as I’m aware and forges the sender of the message, like virtually all these days, making these sort of replies a nuisance at best to those who know better, and distressing to those who may not.

The IP address that sent it (from the headers you forwarded) was which is a Telstra IP address, and I am not a Telstra customer.

> Please update your virus scanner

My virus scanner updates itself twice an hour, just to filter out those annoying Windows viruses that don’t affect Linux users such as myself.

> or contact your IT support personnel as soon as possible as you have a virus
> on your system.

I am my IT support personnel, and I don’t have this virus..