Forbes: Windows Spyware on the up and up..

Here is another reason why those of you running Windows should not use Internet Explorer.
Forbes reports Spyware problems are increasing, and a lot of these tend to arrive via Internet Explorer on unpatched Windows systems.

The people who call Dell Inc.’s customer service line often have no idea why their computers are running so slow. The ones who call America Online Inc. can’t necessarily explain why Internet connections keep dropping. And those who file error reports with Microsoft Corp. don’t always know why their computers inexplicably crash.

Sometimes, the company that gets the complaint is rightly to blame. But with alarming frequency, officials at these and other technology companies say they are tracing customer problems back to one culprit: spyware.

Of course, I’m not saying this is the only way for spyware to arrive, those folks who have installed some legitimate software have unknowingly installed Spyware as part of it. TechNewsWorld reports:

One major legal point so far gives spyware companies the upper hand. Many of the companies distributing spyware products have lengthy end-user license agreements. These are legal contracts. Some of these user agreements exceed 20 pages and contain hyperlinked references to additional terms and conditions.

For example, said English, buried in the middle of the document in fine print, the license agreement could state, “and, furthermore we can do whatever we please to your computer.”

Here are my helpful hints: