US healthcare crisis

The Florida Herald Tribune is reporting that the Tenessee TennCare plan may die, leaving around 430,000 people with no funding for medicine.

The consequences could be very severe for some..

“In this country, rich as it is, people shouldn’t have to choose whether their child will live or die,” said Angela Ray, the mother of a severely ill 12-year-old girl in Lawrenceburg. “It’s amazing to me that it’s come down to this.”

Her daughter, Jasmine, must take 20 extremely expensive medications every day to control the rare stew of chronic diseases, including Elephant Man Syndrome, that make it impossible for her to run and play. There are no doctors in Tennessee who can treat her, so her parents must frequently drive her to Birmingham, Ala., for care.

Soon, she may lose that care – out-of-state trips are covered by TennCare, but not by Medicaid – and possibly, her life.