Google Talk now talks to other Jabber servers!

Well it appears that Google has finally let their Jabber server talk to other XMPP messaging systems, meaning that if you use Jabber somewhere then you should be able to now communicate with Google Talk people (including VOIP if your client supports it thanks to Google releasing their Jingle specs openly as well as a sample library) as well as with anyone else on a Jabber server.
Nice one Google!

RSS issues

Sorry to those tracking this site via RSS that may have seen odd behaviour recently – an artifact of importing all the old stories from Postnuke into WP2 is that the guid’s for the stories weren’t created properly and that was causing a non-compliant RSS2 feed, so I switched to RSS1.

Then I discovered that I could limit the RSS feed to just the last 5 articles (being the ones authored directly in WP2) and that fixed the validation of the RSS2 feed so now I’m switching back!

Off to Linux.Conf.Au 2006!

Thursday morning Donna and I fly off to New Zealand where I’ll be attending LCA 2006 in Dunedin and Donna will be doing a number of talks in Aukland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin (and I’ll be travelling with her to those).

Updates will be occasional, if at all, to the site until we get back to Australia..

Shot in the foot by anti-referrer spam measures..

In a word, d’oh!

Spent a while trying to work out why I could install the Google Analyticator plugin but then when I tried to customise it from its option page, or go to any other link on my site from it I got a 403 Forbidden error. Looking at the Apache logs didn’t give much help, it was just whinging about client denied by server configuration and I was completely stumped, so I thought it must be some weird bug and installed Rich’s Analytics plugin, but that had the same problem!

But the fact that two plugins with similar names had the problem, whereas others were finally caused the penny to drop – I had installed a whole bunch of .htaccess to prevent comment spammers from getting too many links in and if they match they return with a 403 error. Turns out that one of them was broken and matching on the “anal” in Analytics!

Sigh.. at least it works now!

Conversion to WordPress complete

Well after many years of running PostNuke I’ve now switched to using WordPress and imported all my Postnuke stories into this (with a bit of hacking). It’s by no means finished, there’s a few more modules to install but mainly for backend stuff rather than frontend.

Still, I’m quite impressed by what I’ve seen of it so far!