It Gets Worse

I can’t believe that just a minute after my last post I find this report via Google News about the state of Villawood detention center.

A WOMAN held at the nation’s second-biggest immigration detention centre was allegedly raped repeatedly in front of her toddler because she could not lock the door to her room.

The claim — and reports of widespread drug abuse among detainees — will be at the centre of an investigation ordered by the Immigration Department into the privately run Villawood centre in western Sydney.

The Weekend Australian has learned the probe will investigate claims women have been sexually assaulted by guards and male detainees. It will also examine the availability of illicit drugs in the detention centre, and has already heard evidence that detainees in the high-security area have been seen shooting up and claim to be able to access speed, ice, heroin, morphine and marijuana.

One thought on “It Gets Worse

  1. I ventured to villawood in February last year, as part of a social justice excursion for school. Detainee abuse doesn’t suprise me a bit, and considering the way detention centers are outsourced to GSL and left relatively unregulated, the abuse is probably a lot more widespread than the media reports.

    Drugs would be a welcome reprieve to the hell that they have to endure there.

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