A new cat

Well, OK, more a kitten than a cat.. 😉

We felt that our adult cat Mini needed a companion and a bit of research indicated that for an adult female a male kitten would give the best chance of a good match. So it was off down to the RSPCA to talk to them about what was possible, and we found they had 3 kittens of which one was male, and he had only just arrived after their internal quarantine and was lovely, so we picked him. Then we hit a hard question – we had to do the registration form for the council and that demanded a name! We were stuck, but then it occurred to us that given we had an adult called “Mini” the obvious choice was going to be “Maxi”.

So meet Maxi Samuel!

Maxi, our new kitten, looking very innocent.

He’s remarkably well camouflaged in our house, though that’s not been a problem for him yet.. 😉

Maxi, our new kitten

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