Alec Muffett Update : Tuesday 18th July – 2 Updates and a Podcast

Update 1

From Rachel:

6.40pm Monday 17th July – Alec has just spoken to me – he STILL HASN’T LEFT the ambulance being over 2 hours late! He is getting very very cross.

Before a Doctor came in, he did ask me to put all visitors off until Thursday at the earliest as when it happens it is going to be a difficult tiring journey, and he would like at least through Wednesday to recuperate. So please (much as he wants to see folk) hold the enthusiasm.

At present at Alec’s request can you please hold arrangements to travel up to see him, until he gives me the OK for visitors.

I will be in touch again, as soon as I get more news

Update 2

From Rachel:


Alec is actually in an ambulence, on a road in France!


Thanks to Geoff Arnold you can now listen to Alec’s latest podcast (his last from Lille).