Welcome to Australia, the Worlds Newest Police State

Please leave your common sense in the rubbish bins provided or customs will confiscate it and fine you.

Mr Thomas will be required to stay in his house between midnight and 5am and will report to police three times a week.

Reminder, this is a man who was freed on appeal.. To quote the AG:

“The issue is about protecting the Australian community, not punishing a person for an offence proven beyond reasonable doubt,” he said.

So now the government can “control” anyone they deem to be a threat ?

“And if you work on the assumption that only those people who could be convicted of an offence could be the subject of a control order, you wouldn’t have control orders.”

Update: ABC has more details now..

He also will need written approval to make telephone calls. His lawyer, Rob Stary, says he also has to identify all of his telecommunications devices. “Which might include Internet facilities, mobile phones, home phones, things of that nature so that presumably they can be monitored,” he said.

Written permission to make telephone calls ?

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