WordPress 2.0.5 is out

WordPress have just announced the release of WordPress 2.0.5, you can see the changes at the Trac page for the release.

It’s new release time. The latest in our venerable 2.0 series, which now counts over 1.2 million downloads, is available for download immediately, and we suggest everyone upgrade as this includes security fixes.

Congratulations to Ryan Boren on his new baby, Ronan, after whom this release is named!

Update: The upgrade here was painless, nice work folks!. There’s also some more details in this blog post.

Update 2: Brian Layman has asked me to point out that this fixes some serious security problems.

3 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0.5 is out

  1. The two biggest reasons to upgrade as I see it are:
    1. There are, again, major security fixes that are not emphasized in the official release;
    2. If you started your blog with version 2.0 or newer, you’re missing a DB index on the post table and that will slow down your site.

    I’ve provided more detail in a top 5 list on my site: http://www.thecodecave.com/article269

    Please help convince your friends and everyone on your blog roll list to upgrade, it really is important.

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