Script to Migrate Postnuke to WordPress 2

Almost a year ago now (Jan 2006) I migrated my blog from PostNuke to WordPress and to do that I used a hacked version of Bryan’s PHP migration script (which I found here thanks to Rich Boakes), but I never got around to publishing my changes. 🙁

Changes applied:

  • Migrate PostNuke topics to WordPress categories
  • Update comment counts in the WordPress database
  • Update category counts in the WordPress database

Just had an email from someone asking about it, so I’ve decided to publish it now, so here is my hacked version of a Postnuke to WordPress Migration PHP Script.

It assumes a blank WordPress 2 install, and I last used it with WordPress 2.0.0 so caveat emptor!

Licensed under the GPLv2 (or later), as per the original.

16 thoughts on “Script to Migrate Postnuke to WordPress 2

  1. That really relies on phpnuke having the same database schema that Postnuke does, I’ve never used phpnuke so you’d really have to let me know what the schema is.

    Oh – and it’s a *really* good idea to remove your password from that script before you post it to pastebin! 🙂

  2. This might be helpful to people: I’ve just started a project called migratedata that provides a framework for migrating between all different types of databases without writing any SQL – just editing an XML file.

    I’ve provided an XML file that migrates a database from PostNuke to WordPress 2.2, so it might be what you need, devilsoulblack.

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  4. Hey all, I have been trying to migrate my PN to WP all day without luck. I am running into all sorts of errors. Is there anyone that could help for pay? I am so over PN and love wordpress

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