Vacation released

This is a minor bugfix release to the 1.2.6 series of Vacation inspired by looking at the sorts of things Linux distros patch for their own usage.

Vacation no longer builds as -m486 by default, though it will build as 32-bit on AMD64/EM64T because GDBM is not 32/64-bit portable and trying to run a 64-bit version against a 32-bit created GDBM causes it to fail and syslog a success message. This is sub-optimal.

The Makefiles CFLAGS handling has been tidied up a fair bit as a consequence and will hopefully make life a little easier for distributors and it no longer tries to strip the vaclook Perl script on install, which was very silly.

Vacation also now accepts the -i option as well as -I to initialise its database.

Download from SourceForge here.


- Forgot to update usage for "-i", tagged for release as
- Tagged Vacation
- PATCHLEVEL in Makefile corrected to '6' (was still '2')
- Make clean now removes *~ backup files.
- Added -m32 for AMD64 builds, as GDBM is not portable between 32/64 bit
  and this will break backwards compatibility for existing source users.
- Simplified CFLAGS handling for clarity.
- Updated man page for "-i".
- Add -i option as alias for -I to initialise the database.
- Removed -s option for installing vaclook - you can't strip a Perl script!
- Fixed typo in ChangeLog
- Removed -m486 from non-PPC builds as the distros do this already.
- Branched 1.2.6 from for stable support