Welcome to WordPress, Russell!

Russell Coker, SELinux developer, Bonnie++ maintainer and fellow LUV person has now switched from Blogger to his own WordPress installation, which makes leaving comments a hell of a lot easier! 🙂

He’s also now got a blog on “random things that are large or of limited interest“, though why that isn’t just a category on his main site (and using WordPress’s handy “more” marker to stop the whole thing showing up on the front page) I’m not sure.

Anyway, welcome to WordPress Russell!

One thought on “Welcome to WordPress, Russell!

  1. Welcome aboard Russell! I’m a WordPress lover, having started a blog on Blogger and felt annoyed at the lack of features. In August last year, I decided to use WordPress for my personal blog ‘East of the M60’ (http://mancunian1001.wordpress.com) and have never looked back.

    I like being able to change your layouts seemlessly and love the flexibility.

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