Shame on you Kevin Andrews (Updated)

So Kevin Andrews reckons that Dr Haneef leaving a country that has treated him as shabbily as Australia is “suspicious” does he ? It couldn’t have anything to do with Dr Haneef trying to go and see his newborn baby that he was on his way to visit when he was arrested on bogus evidence; that must be just a smokescreen, Mr Andrews ?

Now he claims he has some “secret evidence” that he can’t tell us about, though he’d like to. I suppose this is the same sort of evidence that said there was WMD in Iraq and Children Overboard then..

Quit now Kevin, get the pain over with. This time you and your party have failed to create yet another scare story in the run up to an election and the voters can see right through you.

Updated: This ABC news report makes some more interesting points.

On Saturday, Mr Andrews said Mohamed Haneef had no choice but to return to India. “I have indicated that the Commonwealth has no objection to Dr Haneef leaving, indeed the effect of the visa cancellation is that he should remove himself, he should depart Australia in any event,” he said. But yesterday, the fact Dr Haneef did leave the country so swiftly was being cast by the Minister almost as a sign of guilt.

It also points out that his statement that Dr. Haneef’s baby was born a month ago was also wrong, his daughter was born just 6 days before his arrest.

Incompetence or dissembling ? You decide.

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