Vacation Released!

I’m happy to announce the release of Vacation

This is a complete rebase of the current Vacation code base from the closely related version at which had been released under the two clause BSD license (no advertising clause).

This means Vacation finally links legally with the GPL’d GDBM (something I don’t believe people previously realised)!

New features in this version are:

  • Vacation will not reply to emails that have the SpamAssassin “X-Spam-Status: Yes” header, thanks to Roberto Piola.
  • It uses the OpenBSD secure string handling functions strlcat and strlcpy and use of sprintf has been changed to snprintf to enhance resilience.
  • Vacation now uses Eric Raymonds rfc822.c library from his Unix Cookbook for much better parsing RFC2822 email addresses.
  • Should (hopefully!) compile on FreeBSD thanks to Marshal Newrock.
  • Vacation will silently create its database if it is missing (previously it just crashed!).
  • Lots of bug fixes!

This version (still) does not implement support for folded headers for those headers it worries about (From:, Reply-To:, etc), that requires a major reworking of the code that is currently underway in the trunk of the Subversion repository.

Thanks to all those who’ve submitted bug fixes, requested enhancements and sent patches, especially Roberto Piola, Marshal Newrock and Daniel Pittman.

You can download the program from