Obama and the World

John Simpson, the BBC’s World Affairs editor has a nice piece on what the world might make of President Obama. He’s right on the money when he talks about the squandering of respect for America by the actions and attitudes of GWB and his neocons, and this is reflected in the fact that:

Last summer a poll for the BBC World Service, conducted in 22 countries, indicated that people preferred Barack Obama to John McCain by four to one. Almost half said that if Senator Obama were elected, it would change their view of the United States completely.

I don’t think Obama is in for an easy ride at all, but I think the world has breathed a collective sigh of relief at an unexpected outbreak of sanity in America.

3 thoughts on “Obama and the World

  1. Yes, and for those of us inside the ‘new world order’ motherland, it means we can
    consider our options for a time before bolting to Canada (note: Canada not necessarily
    best choice, just easiest as opposed to cyanide cocktail).

  2. Totally.

    and with the current collapse of the US car industry,
    maybe they could take the 25 billion they won’t use to bail the private jet flying execs of GM, Ford and Chrysler and spend it on public transport infrastructure and safety, re-employing many of those 3 million employees in the process and setting priorities the world might be impressed by.

    yet on the TV here in the US I still see advertisements of excessive families bantering about the natural desire for bigger and better and just having to make more room for that new SUV. Maybe they should keep that big 4 car garage clear for the extra family they’ll have to move into it to cover the house repayments.


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