Avoid Seagate 1.5 TB disk drives

Sounds like the Seagate 1.5 TB drives are having some significant firmware issues, especially when used in certain RAID configurations. They tried blaming the Linux kernel for it even though the same issues appear to happen under Apple MacOSX and MS Windows. Here’s an example of the error that you see under Linux:

09:07:49 end_request: I/O error, dev sdc, sector 8
09:07:49 md: super_written gets error=-5, uptodate=0
09:07:49 raid5: Disk failure on sdc, disabling device.

5 thoughts on “Avoid Seagate 1.5 TB disk drives

  1. As a general rule I’ve given up on Seagate and Western Digital disks several years ago after the quality of disks we were receiving on a regular basis would see a around 50% fail.

    Since then I’ve moved to Samsung and Hitachi disks and haven’t looked back.
    In fact I find both these drive makers make very quiet and fast disks.

    Give them a go if you haven’t.



  2. Guys, I was skeptical about this drive – Fry’s had them for $117. I read the reviews – then checked the Seagate web site, listing my S/N for the drive – the site indicated ‘no issues’. I decided to try it. I could not be happier – it’s so quite I did not think it was working – it does not run ‘hotter than normal’ and the speed is fine. I think I am picky – but this drive has exceeded my expectations. Check the Seagate web site before you open your drive – make sure it’s listed as ‘no problems’ – you will be pleased. I can not speak for longevity, but hope it lasts for many years.

    Scott 4/1/09

  3. I have purchesed 4 of these drives they do run a bit hot 52c without cooling fan but what disks dont with a cooling fan they run about 3c to 5c above ambient. I dont know where your noise is comming from for those of you who have reported it being noisy bit it is not the drive . If you find it is return the drive.

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