Back from Queensland

Well we’re back from our trip up to lovely Queensland, where the weather really was beautiful one day, perfect the next! Donna was doing a day of talks on the Sunday for the Gladstone Area Autism/Asperger Support Group as part of a two day conference, with the Saturday being done by our friend Wendy Lawson. We all stayed at the wonderful Earth & Sea B&B and special thanks to Anlyn and Marshall for looking after us so well there!

We then had a few days to ourselves and we’d booked a cabin at Capricorn Caves which was wonderful, no mobile coverage, brush turkeys everywhere & a small mob of ‘roos. We took the opportunity to pootle around the Capricorn Coast area including Yeppoon, where we were treated to the initially puzzling fact of seeing snails in rockpools with legs, ’till we twigged that there were thousands of tiny hermit crabs there, and spotted a mass of roosting flying foxes in the mangroves around the river just outside the town.

We also managed to loose our rental car keys on the beach, but thankfully some kind soul found them and handed in at the police station, so as we were desperately trying to find a number for the company we got a call from them asking us if we’d lost our keys.. 🙂

Leaving the caves for the trip back to Gladstone we had to stop to avoid hitting a bird sauntering across the road that looked like a cross between a pheasant and a raptor, but turned out to be a Pheasant Coucal, a very large member of the cuckoo family (not a pheasant!) that is the only member to raise its own young. A wonderful view!

Anyway, we’re now back in Melbourne, in the rain, and actually enjoying it. You soon realise that if the weather’s good all the time then there’s no contrast to make it stand out.