Donna’s painting clearance sale :-)

My wife Donna has been painting and sculpting for years (not to mention writing and composing), and has sold almost 100 of her originals worldwide so far. Problem is that she paints far faster than people buy them so she’s doing a bit of a clearance sale on eBay at the moment as we’ve run out of room in the house! 🙂

The 13 pieces are both figurative and abstract pieces of autistic art; some in oils, some in acrylics and some in mixed media. The starting bids on these pieces are just $10-$15 and have 4 days to go. You too can be a budget collector of outsider art!

2 thoughts on “Donna’s painting clearance sale :-)

  1. I like “Wild Flowers” quite a lot, but I know nothing about acrylic on paper (or any other medium for that matter). Do you generally get this stuff framed behind glass?

  2. Hi Mikal,

    In paints most people use one of 3 kinds of mediums: oils, acrylic, water color.
    Acrylic has strong, durable colors.
    Paintings on paper can be sold framed or unframed.
    But for the price the paintings are sold in they will come unframed.
    It does mean, though, that you can choose your own framing.

    Hope that helps.


    Donna *)

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