Connex Code Broken!

After my experiences this morning I think I can confidently say I’ve broken Connex’s secret code – see what they really mean when their website says:

All services are running normally.

is this:

  • No overhead power working for trains
  • No trackside power for the signalling system
  • Trains replaced by buses
  • Not enough qualified running staff at the station where the buses terminate to drive the train that’s waiting to take people to the city

Silly me, there was I thinking it meant that I could get into work in just one hour, rather than two..

3 thoughts on “Connex Code Broken!

  1. Luxury… when i were a lad… etc.

    Joking aside, the blue trains here in Blighty are the same size as the white trains, but have five seats per row instead of four, and they’re more upright, so there are more rows… ergonomic guidelines for posture have been ignored in the name of profit. Guess which train big old me end up sitting on, & not fitting in. Oh, and whilst these are trains run by British companies, on British tracks, they’ve sold the trains to companies in tax havens and lease them back so as to rip off the government who then have less money to invest in the tracks.

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