Denis Ritchie’s Documents Gone From Bell Labs ? (Updated)

Oh dear, it looks like Denis Ritchie’s web pages, and all associated documentation, has gone 404 at Bell Labs and, worse still, it’s been removed from due to the Bell Labs robots.txt file.

Now I really wish I’d grabbed a copy of the B documents he had there! 🙁 If anyone has a copy or an alternative location if it’s moved elsewhere I’d love to hear from you..

Update: Thanks so much to Ian for providing copies and pointing out that the original webpages and documents have re-appeared.

5 thoughts on “Denis Ritchie’s Documents Gone From Bell Labs ? (Updated)

  1. Hi Chris – I think I know who you are. I have bumped into you at several Linux confs (Dunedin, Melbourne).

    Being interested in B I have downloaded a number of PDFs etc of the tutorials and so on from the AT&T website. I’ll happily email you all that I have.

  2. Hi Ian,

    That’s me – and I remember you too, well found!

    If you could email them to me (chris at then that would be really very kind; it was my first real programming language that I learnt of my own volition and I have a real soft spot for it – none of this type nonsense that modern languages have! 🙂

    All the best,

  3. I have sent three docs about B, written by Johnson, Kernighan and Thompson respectively. I think from memory that I found them on DMR’s web pages, but cannot remember now. I would have looked at his pages (I still consider Kernighan and Ritchie’s “The C Programming Language” to be one of the best written computer books around). When I read about B I liked the simplicity of the language. It also explained a few features of C, like the ‘auto’ keyword, which is really quite redundant in C, but makes sense in B.

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