North Korea Tests Another Nuclear Bomb (11 kiloton?)

It’s being reported that North Korea has detonated another test nuclear device, and the USGS is showing a magnitude 4.7 quake in North Korea (the previous device test registered as a mag 4.2 one).

Using the code I mentioned when writing about the first test it appears that it was likely to be around an 11 kiloton device, significantly larger than the 2 kt device tested previously.

Mag.   Energy      Energy      TNT         TNT         TNT         Hiroshima
       Joules      ft-lbs      tons        megatons   equiv. tons  bombs
4.2   0.126E+12   0.929E+11   0.301E+02   0.301E-04   0.201E+04   0.134E+00
4.7   0.708E+12   0.522E+12   0.169E+03   0.169E-03   0.113E+05   0.753E+00
USGS image of DPRK nuclear test 2009/05/25

USGS image of DPRK nuclear test 2009/05/25