Microsoft Hypervisor Code to be Removed from 2.6.33 ?

Chris Smart has pointed out an interesting little titbit in Greg K-H’s “Staging tree status for the .32 kernel merge” blog post:

hv (Microsoft Hyper-V) drivers. Over 200 patches make up the massive cleanup effort needed to just get this code into a semi-sane kernel coding style (someone owes me a bit bottle of rum for that work!) Unfortunately the Microsoft developers seem to have disappeared, and no one is answering my emails. If they do not show back up to claim this driver soon, it will be removed in the 2.6.33 release. So sad…

So after all that hope about MS releasing GPL’d code it turns out to be a one off code dump (presumably to get them out of a license violation hole otherwise they’d be showing more interest) with no intention of doing anything further with it.. 🙁