MPI-3 Forum Seeks Feedback from Fortran MPI Developers

In a posting to the Open-MPI development list Jeff Squyres has requested feedback from Fortran MPI developers on proposed changes to the bindings of MPI functions in MPI-3. He writes:

In the MPI-3 Forum, we’re working on revamping the Fortran bindings to be “better” (for a variety of definitions of “better”). There’s at least one question that we really need some feedback from the MPI Fortran developer community before proceeding. Craig Rasmussen from Los Alamos National Laboratory, chair of the MPI-3 Fortran Working Group, asked me to post a “request for information” to my blog and pass on the URL to every Fortran MPI programmer that I know

The URL of Jeff’s blog is Please pass this on if you do know other Fortran MPI developers.