Archaeological Excavation in Little LaTrobe Street, Melbourne ? (Updated)

Anyone know anything about this archaeological dig in progress in Little La Trobe Street in Melbourne, just opposite the RMIT Uni Bookshop ?

Archaeological dig at Little La Trobe Street, Melbourne

There’s no signage for it but they seem to be exposing the wall lines of old buildings in what was, until recently, a car park.

Update: Here’s the last photo I have before the rescue dig ended and they started clearing the site.

Archaeological dig resumed in Little LaTrobe Street

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  1. I always envy Time Team; it seems as if you can’t stick a spade into dirt anywhere across the UK without turning up saxon pottery or roman glass. Here we have excavations into the archeology of sites where full plans already exist in the Board of Works to produce information that could be got more cheaply by going and asking your grandmother.

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