Garden photos – gluten free grains, bees and trees!

Donna and I had a fun time yesterday gathering in our first harvest of gluten-free grains from the garden – buckwheat and millet. It only took half an hour or so to get that much from the small patches we’d planted so we were quite chuffed about it, and there is still more to come as you can see from the buckwheat flowers yet to set to seed and an ear of millet (one of many) still waiting to be colllected.

Our first harvest of millet and buckwheat from the garden Buckwheat flowers in our garden An ear of millet in our garden

Our bees also seem to be enjoying the good weather of this weekend, and I’m looking forward to a cooler one so we can check the hive to see how they’re doing with filling the top box with honey (there is a queen excluder between it and the rest of the hive so she can’t get up there to lay any brood into it).

An active beehive Busy bees Bee on lavender flower

All in all our garden is coming on really well, it’s a far cry from the boring old lawn – largely of the weed nutgrass – which we inherited!

A view down our garden By Gum!

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