Typo3, htmlcssstyling and spacers

Note to self for next time I can’t remember how to get spacers to work in Typo3 menus when using the htmlcssstyling front end extension..

Need to edit typo3conf/ext/htmlcssstyling/static/setup.txt and add to each of the menu sections:

# Activate Spacer
SPC = 1
SPC.doNotShowLink = 0
SPC.doNotLinkIt = 1
SPC.allWrap =


It doesn’t seem to work if you add it into the TS setup sections of the templates. To be fair it does say in the docs that:

Spacer’ is only meaningfull if your frontend navigation is programmed to use it. In this case it does not represent a page with content but is intended to be a non-clickable placeholder in the navigation.

Which, presumably, is precisely what the above code is doing in that setup.txt file.