Donna was on the radio!

Wow! ABC Illawarra (our local radio statio) played the song “Shoes” from Donna’s CD “Nobody Nowhere”! We were over the moon when we heard it, dancing around the house and Donna was singing along to it, something she’d had recurring dreams about long before she ever thought she could make a CD!

A very big Thank You! to presenter

Tony Arthur
at ABC Illawarra for playing it and literally making a dream come true!

If you want to hear bits of the music there are samples on the webpage for the CD and you can
order the CD (and Donna’s books) from her publishers

New photo gallery up!

OK folks, the
new photo gallery
is now up and running, with all the photos from the old one copied over. The captions from the old photos still need to be copied though.

This section now obsolete!

This was written in 2003 – I’ve since migrated from the Post-Nuke install to WordPress so it’s just here for posterity now.

Rather than role my own “content management system” (CMS) in PHP I decided to use Post-Nuke, a highly capable CMS with lots of useful features.

So that new system is up and running over here!

As a result I won’t be updating this part any more, I’ll be trying to migrate content over to Post-Nuke as an when I have time.

– Chris

Open Source Windows ?

Here’s an interesting story, what happens when the philosophy that brought you Linux, *BSD, Apache, etc, starts to set its sights on reworking that software which comes from Redmond ?

ReactOS, that’s what!

These strange people have decided that it would be a wizard wheeze to create a Windows NT 4 compatible operating system, including device driver compatability.

Now, to be fair, they’ve got a long way to go, but the initial reports on their website look promising, it can already self-host (i.e. you can compile ReactOS under ReactOS using GCC) but the screenshots don’t show it looking like an NT gui (a lot to do before then I suspect).

Interestingly if you use Windows you can download a copy of Bochs, the freeware x86 emulator with a ready setup version of ReactOS from the downloads section of the ReactOS website.

Linux users will need to download Bochs separately and use the
ReactOS images
that are available.