Is the Australian Prime Minister Spamming You ?

It would appear that the Australian Prime Minister John Howard has gone into the spam business according to the ABC and News Interactive, he’s hired his sons company Net Harbour (no link as I don’t support spammers) to spam folks in his local electorate with pro-Liberal material.

This, of course, raises the question of where did they get their email addresses, and have Net Harbour been blacklisted yet ?

Even more ironic is that one of John Howards opponents in the forthcoming election is longtime anti-spam campaigner Troy Rollo, founder of the Coalition Against Unsolicited Bulk Email, Australia (CAUBE.AU) and iCAUCE.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that they’re spamming folks outside of the electorate, and I’m wondering if they’ve hit anyone outside of Australia as well.

If you’ve had one of their spams, leave a comment with details or email me at antispam at please!