Gentoo Linux

Andrew Cowie has written an interesting article about Gentoo Linux over at Linux Journal.

Now, I too have a confession to make. Ladies and Gentlemen, I use Gentoo. Thank you.

Actually, that’s not the complete truth, I currently use Gentoo (my workstation at work), Mandrake (my workstation at home, at least until I get some time to upgrade it to Gentoo), Redhat 7.3 and Fedora Core 3 (the clusters at work) and soon, SuSE (the latest cluster due to arrive shortly). I’ve also played with Ubuntu which was pretty nice, but they’re a GNOME based distribution and I’m a die-hard KDE user.

They’re all good for various tasks, and I’ve found that for what *I* want, which is to have the latest KDE, the minimum of cruft and a large selection of packages, it is the best. Oh, and there are no new releases as there are with distros like Redhat, Mandrake, etc, you do rolling updates in the same way as Debian.