Keeping your Life in Subversion

Here’s an interesting one, something I’ve thought of doing myself ever since I first came across RCS and then CVS back in the early 90’s, but never quite got around too.. Basically it’s keeping everything in your home directory under revision control, so that whatever happens (as long as you remember to constantly make sure you’ve checked things in) you can get any file back, or revert it to any date.

It’s an interesting project, but given that my home directory here at home is currently about 24GB and I’ve only got about 4GB of disk free, I think it’ll be a while before I can try this out. 🙂

Anyway, you can read the entire article at the O’Reilly network, here’s the blurb they automatically create for folks to blog with:

Keeping Your Life in Subversion by Joey Hess — Revision control is great for collaborative projects and distributed projects. How well does it work for individuals? According to Joey Hess, fantastically. He’s kept his home directory under revision control for years–here’s how he does it with Subversion.