Auties.Org Launched!

After months of work (on and off) with my wife Donna and the rest of the Auties.Org committee I’m proud to announce that an innovative new website has just been launched.

Auties.Org is for people on the Autistic Spectrum who are ready to dare reach out, open the doors to the community and market their abilities directly to the public and for those interested in supporting these pioneers.

So if you are on the Autistic Spectrum and stagnating whilst waiting for society to create something for you, why not go ahead and look at what you CAN do and CAN manage, what you ARE interested in and ARE doing now, and begin creating your own opportunities. Even more, if you haven’t got a clue where to start, take a look at what others on the Autistic Spectrum are doing in their own self employment and employable hobbies/skills and see if it inspires you to dare such things with your own unique style, in your own unique way.

All you need is a website or an email and the desire to take that leap.
They say the greatest risk in life is taking no risks at all. has two sides to it, the entrpreneurial/self employment side, and the ‘autie-friendly’ establishments side where you can check out all kinds of places, spaces, faces and activities that are advertising themselves for one reason or another as ‘autie-friendly’ establishments… who knows they might even respect us enough to give us jobs if they have any! From accomodation and eating spaces, to entertainments, travel, social opportunities, goods and therapies, we hope, in time you may find these things here.

By using and Autie-Friendly establishments you are supporting a vision of equality regardless of difference, celebration of diversity, ability within disABILITY, and of active empowerment of one of the most disempowered and also underemployed communities in society.

2 thoughts on “Auties.Org Launched!

  1. I tried to get auti friendly establishments and auti dating in florida. I could not bring them up on my computer. Could you please help me. Do I have to register to get on these sites? Thank you Teresa My email add is hschum at

  2. Hi Teresa, if this was on then I’m afraid that just means nobody has put one up there yet. 🙁

    You only need to register to be able to get to the contact details for the listings, anyone can look at the main text of them if they want..

    All the best!

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