Tasmania 2005 Photos in Gallery

Well finally gotten around to uploading some photos from our 2005 trip to Tasmania where we stayed near the town of Penguin on the north coast, which as it was coming up to Christmas had dressed the large penguin on the seafront in a seasonal costume! 🙂


We also took a trip across the island down to the south west coast and dropped in at Zeehan where we had a look around the Pioneer cemetery from this once prosperous town. It was quite odd wandering around, especially seeing some of the wooden graves that were there – no longer legible leaving you to wonder about who was buried there. Some of the graves had been destroyed by trees that had grown up in the hundred years or so since the people were buried there, shattering the tombstones and buckling the ground.

2005-12-05-13:40_013.JPG 2005-12-05-14:03_038.JPG

2005-12-05-13:41_015.JPG 2005-12-05-13:57_037.JPG

We also took a trip over to Queenstown and found that some wit had altered a roadsign on the descent into the famously desolate area to give it a bit of a Tolkien twist..


We also trundled around the north coast area a bit too, visitin the Leven Canyon (where we found a tiger snake sleeping under the steel walkway), Preston Falls and generally had a good time!