Judge Put Coded Message Into “Da Vinci Code” Judgement

The BBC reports that Mr Justice Peter Smith encoded a message into his judgement on the “Da Vinci Code” copyright case.

Seemingly random italicised letters were included in the 71-page judgement given by Mr Justice Peter Smith, which apparently spell out a message. […]

Italicised letters in the first few pages spell out “Smithy Code”, while the following pages also contain marked out letters.

I liked the fact he said:

I can’t discuss the judgement, but I don’t see why a judgement should not be a matter of fun,

Nice one your honour. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Judge Put Coded Message Into “Da Vinci Code” Judgement

  1. First thing I did was get the URL of the PDF, slap it into Google, then use the google “view as HTML” facility. This gave me a version that I could use regex against in order to extract the the <i>x</i> characters… 🙂

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