Selling Gallows by the Pound (Sterling)

My good friend Rich Boakes has blogged a powerful story about a man in Suffolk who is selling gallows to foreign states for a cool 12,000 GBP a pop – including such pillars of human rights as Zimbabwe.

Too many crims needing to be dealt with ? Well he can help you out, as the BBC says:

The execution equipment he says he sells ranges from single gallows, at about £12,000 each, to “Multi-hanging Execution Systems” mounted on lorry trailers, costing about £100,000.

As Rich puts it so succinctly:

This month Mr. Lucas is going to make a killing. Next month killing will continue, but Mr. Lucas will just have his regular customers; if they still want to do business with him.

Rich’s article has the details if, like me, you’d like to avoid doing any business with Mr David Lucas (below).

David Lucas - (c) BBC

3 thoughts on “Selling Gallows by the Pound (Sterling)

  1. So does this job come under the category of ‘well, somebody’s got to do it? Was i supposed to laugh at this? I did..a lot:) Bloody ‘ell 12 grand for a few bits of recycled railway sleeper..can’t be bad eh?

  2. Well, his business partner is claiming it’s all a hoax..

    Brian Rutterford, who owns the land where Mr Lucas has his shop, said yesterday that his partner had been fooling everyone. “It is a hoax that has got completely out of hand. I know David well, work closely with him and I know he has built one set of gallows — the one that remains outside his shop on my land. The rest is rubbish,” he said.

    “He has no sale receipts for gallows because he hasn’t sold any. He keeps up the pretence because he likes talking to the media about capital punishment,” he added. “David sells pet food from my property and I speak to him twice a week. If he was building gallows for foreign governments, I think I would know about it.”

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